Popular Actress Is Criticized For Posting Insensitive Photos Amid Hawaii Wildfires

“Where is her empathy?”

Popular actress Kim Sung Eun is receiving backlash after posting insensitive photos of her vacation in Hawaii.

Kim Sung Eun

On August 14, the actress uploaded several photos of herself vacationing in Hawaii. According to reports, the actress visited Hawaii with her daughter on August 7.


Netizens immediately criticized the actress for uploading the photos, with many finding them insensitive due to the devastating Maui wildfire that, as of this writing, has claimed the lives of 106 people while hundreds of residents remain missing.

Although Kim Sung Eun has since deleted the post, netizens continued to express horror at the photos.

  • “It’s not like it was a small fire, and we still can’t imagine how many lives have been lost. She shouldn’t upload the photos and act as if she doesn’t care since she wasn’t affected by the fire. The phrase ‘Watching a fire from across the lake’ is literally her…”
  • “There are a thousand people who are missing and countless bodies that have been melted to the point of unrecognition, so it’s very disappointing that she’d upload these photos. The travesty seems unimaginable.”
  • “Seriously, why did she do that?”
  • “Where is her empathy?”
  • “I guess it’s her freedom to go to Hawaii, but she shouldn’t have uploaded the photos.”
  • “She hasn’t really done anything since showing off that she’s tone-deaf on variety shows, but she seems to have survived in this industry for a long time.”
  • “Sigh, so many people are so thoughtless.”
  • “America is begging tourists to avoid coming to Hawaii… She’s so thoughtless.”
  • “It’s her freedom to go, but she shouldn’t advertise that she’s there by uploading all these photos… If she went quietly, no one would have known.”

Meanwhile, the Hawaiian island of Maui suffered the worst fire the United States has faced in 100 years. Currently, hundreds of residents are missing, and authorities fear the death toll will only rise as the search for those missing continues. As a community bands together to rebuild, locals are lamenting the juxtaposition they find themselves in with tourists, as one resident’s pleas for solidarity and respect went viral.

Source: wikitree, theqoo and cnn