Kim Sung Joo Tests Positive For COVID-19

Many TV programs are in a state of emergency due to his absence.

TV personality and MC Kim Sung Joo has tested positive for COVID-19. According to Janggun Entertainment, he tested positive using a PCR test and is currently in self-isolation. Below is a statement regarding Kim Sung Joo.

Kim Sung Joo tested positive for COVID-19 after taking a PCR test and is currently in self-isolation. His symptoms are mild and we will faithfully comply with the guidelines according to the quarantine authorities until he fully recovers. 

The day before, Kim Sung Joo felt mild sore throat symptoms and tested positive with a self-diagnosis kit. He then took a PCR test and was officially confirmed positive. He has completed three doses of the vaccine, but still received a positive test due to a breakthrough infection.

Due to his, eight TV programs that are hosted by Kim Sung Joo are in a state of emergency. We hope he recovers soon!

Source: newsis