Kim Tae Hee Reveals The Top 2 Beauty Secrets Behind Her Legendary Visuals

Ever wanted to be as beautiful as Kim Tae Hee?

Kim Tae Hee made her first appearance on a YouTube video channel to promote a brand of skin cosmetics. But not only did she share her favorite products, she shared some secrets to her legendary visuals!


No one can deny that Kim Tae Hee is one of the most beautiful Korean celebrities in history! She’s never been left out on the list of “most popular visuals” for plastic surgeons and their patients.


Well, she shared her top 2 beauty secrets to maintaining her legendary visuals! She first revealed that she’s super picky when it comes to anything that she uses on her body.

I think everyone focuses on their skin – healthy and clear skin. I’m very picky when it comes to the base products that I use.

I check all of the ingredients. Even if it’s annoying to do, I make sure that there aren’t any harmful ingredients to my skin or a strong scent.

I not only check products that I use on my face, I also check hair, body, hand, and even lip products.

— Kim Tae Hee


She also confessed that being happy is an essential key to beauty! She emphasized that stress level management is an important part of her daily routine.

I think you look prettier when you feel happy. Your face becomes brighter. I think it’s important to manage your stress well.

I live near the Namsan mountain, so whenever I have time or the weather is nice, I try to take a walk every day. I feel healed when I see the trees and breathe in the natural air.

— Kim Tae Hee


Take it from the visual queen herself and use these two tips to become the best self you can be!

Source: Busan Ilbo