Kim Tae Hee Reportedly Preparing Her First Comeback In 5 Years With A New Drama, Titled “Hello, Mom”

It’s a role she’s never taken on before!

Actress Kim Tae Hee is reportedly preparing to make her first comeback in 5 years with a new drama, titled Hello, Mom (unofficial title). The drama tells a comic human fantasy series where the ghost of a mom undergoes a 49-day challenge to be reborn.

Reports claim Kim Tae Hee will take on the female role of the mother, which is a befitting character as she is now a mother of two children. This would be her first drama since her marriage to Rain and the birth of their two daughters.


Kim Tae Hee’s agency confirmed that she was offered a role in the drama but nothing has been confirmed yet. They explained that she is still considering taking on the role.

It’s true that Kim Tae Hee received an offer for tvN’s Hello, Mom. Since we’re only in the consideration stage, nothing has been confirmed.

No specific details [about the role] has been confirmed either.

— Story J Company


Kim Tae Hee’s last project was Yong Pal from 2015. If she takes on the new drama, it will be her first comeback in 5 years as fans have been highly anticipating her return to the screens!

Source: News1 and isplus