Kim Tae Hee makes $34,000 per episode as a comatose patient

Netizens react to news of how much Kim Tae Hee makes while lying down for the last four episodes.

The new recent Korean drama ‘Yong-pal’ is becoming one of the most watched drama in Korea. It has gone up to 16% in viewer ratings and is only increasing every episode.

In the last 4 episodes however, the main actress Kim Tae Hee is seen laying down while occasionally shown in flash back scenes or acting inside of her dream that does not go over 3 minutes in length. She plays the character Han Yeo-Jin who is sedated into a coma after she tried to kill herself in front of her father once and trying to kill herself again after she woke up.

The main character Yong-Pal, who is the doctor who takes care of Kim Tae Hee in a underground facility, played by actor Ju Won is seen acting 95% of the drama while Kim Tae Hee was seen about 5% in recent episodes.

After a industry related official told Daily Sports on how much Kim Tae Hee makes per episode, netizens have been discussing the issue. Kim Tae Hee is reported to make about 40 million won ($34,000 USD) per episode which means that she has made over 160 million won ($136,000 USD) in the last 4 episodes for laying down and appearing about 5% of the program.

Here are some of the netizens’ reactions below.

[ +22790 / -701] 40 million won for laying down;;;;;

[ +19696 / -1221] I’m so jealous… doing nothing and getting paid 40 million won per episode wow. Ju Won appears in 90% of the episode running really hard and having a hard time hahahahahahahaah She is sleeping beauty

[ +13283 / -365] hahahahaahah Look at the article title

[ +11498 / -2903] Why so curious about this?? Are you guys all jealous she makes a lot of money

[ +9409 / -1676] She is still pretty laying down… I’m jealous

[ +1925 / -72] What she makes per episode by laying down is some company worker’s annual salary

Source: Daily SportsComments: Daily Sports

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