Kim Tae Hee revealed to have 100% in all subjects during middle school

Korean students are currently working hard on their university entrance exams, with it being the most important time in their lives for education. While the spotlight is on exams, many idols have been revealing their studying habits from the past. 

During an example of tvN University Entrance Exam Special, the smartest Korean celebrities revealed their past academic history. Among them was the “Beauty of Korea”, Kim Tae Hee, who took first place!

In her released report card, Kim Tae Hee’s middle school report cards revealed she was 1st place in every subject for two years in a row. During an interview, Kim Tae Hee’s 3rd year middle school teacher revealed, “It wasn’t the fact that she was always 1st in her year that amazed me, it was the fact that she never received a score lower than 100% in all her subjects for the three years she attended this school.”

Good luck to all the students on their exam, we hope you’re as successful as Kim Tae Hee!

Source: Aju News