This Famous Actress Confessed She’s A Huge Fan Of BTS

BTS is the first K-Pop idols she’s become a fan of.

Famous actress Kim Tae Ri recently sat down for an interview where she was asked what makes her the most excited and happy these days.


She answered that becoming an ARMY is one of her most joyful aspects in life! She loves “the fact that [she’s] becoming a fan of BTS” and “how [she] fangirls over them.


She watches their videos on her phone and is surprised to find herself giggling and smiling at her phone – a fact which all ARMY can relate to!

While I’m watching their videos on my phone, a black screen sometimes shows up and you can see your face. I find myself smiling without even knowing.

— Kim Tae Ri


She confessed that BTS is “the first group that [she] started fangirling over since [she] became an adult.” She “loves how [she] can be so happy about something“!


Kim Tae Ri is one of the most popular actresses on the rise as she’s already won multiple awards for her stunning performances in The Handmaiden, Mr. SunshineLittle Forest and more!

Kim Tae Ri from “The Handmaiden” on the left.


BTS’s charms are so powerful that even a top celebrity can’t help but be enchanted by them!

Source: Dispatch and Nate Pann