Kim Tae Woo’s younger daughter diagnosed with obesity

Kim Tae Woo’s family fell into a shock after hearing of their daughter’s weight problems.

On November 8th’s episode of Oh My Baby, Kim Tae Woo and his wife appeared on the program while bringing their children to the hospital.

After a short diagnosis, the doctor stated: Jiyool is suffering from a bad flu, but also, her weight is increasing with speed. Last month she was 11.9 kg now she has gained over 0.5 kg. She needs her diet to be planned.”

Kim Tae Woo’s daughter Jiyool is currently 15 months old, and 12.5 kg for a 15 month-old child means that she is in the top 3% of obese infants within her age group, shocking the family.

Weight problems in infants could lead to child obesity, which will eventually lead to deadly diseases involving the heart. The faces of Kim Tae Woo’s family turned pale upon hearing this on the show.

Source: Newsen