Kim Woo Bin’s Agency Responds To Reports That He’s Leaving After Their Contract Expires

His contract is ending very soon.

Kim Woo Bin was reported to be siding towards becoming a free agent once his contract with Sidus HQ expires at the end of this year.

His agency responded to the claims, explaining that it is true that his contract is expiring but they have not yet decided on whether he will be staying with the company or leaving.

Kim Woo Bin’s exclusive contract expires at the end of this year, but we have not decided on what will happen in the future.

— Sidus HQ


Kim Woo Bin has been with the agency for the past 8 years, where he’s worked along side them since the very beginning of his stardom until now. He also worked alongside the agency during his recent recovery after battling Nasopharyngeal cancer since 2017.

Kim Woo Bin recently made his first public appearance at an awards show and is currently reviewing possible project offers for his comeback.

Source: Star News