Kim Woo Bin’s Agency Makes A Statement About His Health And Religion After Being Spotted Out On Buddha’s Birthday

His agency clarified about his religion, health, and potential comeback.

Actor Kim Woo Bin was recently spotted out in public as he attended a ceremonial event for Buddha’s Birthday with his good friend, actor Jo In Sung.

Seeing how he’s looking healthier than ever, many fans began to speculate about his potential comeback as an actor. His agency soon released their statements through a phone interview, where they first clarified about Kim Woo Bin’s religious beliefs.


They explained that they don’t look into their actors’ religions because it is a private and personal matter.

Our agency found out Kim Woo Bin attended the religious event after it was aired on a broadcast. Religion is a personal matter, so we don’t exactly know if our actors attend church, mass, or temples. We don’t know much about Kim Woo Bin’s religious beliefs.

We think Kim Woo Bin attended the event as a personal choice because of his close friendship with Jo In Sung.

— Sidus HQ


They also gave an update about his health. They confirmed that Kim Woo Bin has become much healthier but is currently not confirmed for any comebacks yet. He is still focusing on his recuperation through regular check-ups but he and his agency both look forward to a comeback sometime in the future.

Kim Woo Bin is currently healthy and doing well. As he announced through his fan cafe, he finished his treatments and is focusing on his recuperation through regular check-ups.

The rumors about his comeback that circulated earlier this year are just rumors. There is nothing set or confirmed about Kim Woo Bin’s promotions and comeback as of yet. Our agency is also focusing on Kim Woo Bin’s health and recovery before anything else.

— Sidus HQ

Source: Osen