Kim Woo Bin’s “Black Knight” Is Hit With Plagiarism Allegations — Netflix Responds

The K-Drama was alleged to have plagiarized a video game.

Netflix‘s recently released K-Drama series, Black Knight, has been hit with plagiarism allegations.

Kim Woo Bin pictured in poster for Black Knight |

On May 16, the streaming giant responded to allegations accusing the drama of plagiarizing the video game Death Stranding, which was released in 2019.

Netflix quickly denied the allegations stating that Black Knight was based on a webtoon of the same name, created by Lee Yoon Kyun and released in 2016.

Black Knight is based on author Lee Yoon Kyun’s 2016 webtoon of the same name.

— Netflix

Black Knight, starring Kim Woo Bin, tells the story of deliverymen who risk their lives to deliver oxygen in a post-apocalyptic Korea, where breathable air is a preciously rare commodity. In the series, Kim Woo Bin’s character comes face to face with a dangerous conspiracy that may change society forever.

Poster for Black Knight (Korean title 택배기사) webtoon | ZD Net

Death Stranding follows the main character as he delivers supplies in a similarly apocalyptic United States of America. The game was directed by famed Hideo Kojima and was developed by Kojima Productions.

Poster for Death Stranding | Epic Games

Some netizens reportedly felt the premise of the series was too similar to the video game, but as the webtoon was released three years before the video game, hopefully, the allegations will be put to rest.

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