Kim Woo Bin attends fan event in braces due to back injury

Kim Woo Bin recently admitted that he had sustained a black injury but assured fans that his current condition was fine. 

On February 12th, Kim Woo Bin held a fan meeting in Taiwan. Fans initially noticed that he was wearing a waist protector which caused concern amongst the fans. There were certain restrictions to his mobility such as bending his waist due to this condition.

During the fan meeting, he was asked to show his abs but declined to the requested by saying: “I have back pains because I exercised too much, so I am wearing a brace.”

Kim Woo Bin’s management agency assured fans of his condition with a statement.

“Kim Woo Bin is currently getting treatment for a back injury. It is not serious. He has some back pains as part of this injury, but it is getting better.”

– SidusHQ


Kim Woo Bin emerged as a Korean Wave star due to his drama projects Heirs and Uncontrollably Fond. Since then, he has toured Asia and continued to meet fans through the SPOTLIGHT tour.

Source: Dispatch