Kim Woo Bin Exempt From Military Service Because Of His Cancer Treatments

The government decided to exempt him from the mandatory 2 year military service.

Actor Kim Woo Bin was deemed unfit to serve his mandatory military service because of the treatments he received for his nasopharyngeal cancer.

He had halted all of his activities since being diagnosed back in May of 2017.

According to an insider, Kim Woo Bin’s enlistment warrant was announced in midst of his treatments, but the government exempted him from the service after reevaluating his health conditions.

“While Kim Woo Bin was getting treated for his nasopharyngeal cancer, he received a letter for enlistment.

After being reexamined, he was ultimately judged unfit to serve back in November.”

— Close Acquaintance

Kim Woo Bin kept the news under wraps as it is a sensitive topic in Korea and he didn’t wish to cause more controversies. It was also hard for him to concentrate on anything else besides regaining his health.

“The most important thing for Kim Woo Bin right now is recovering as soon as he can.

That’s why he canceled all of his activities since May and focused completely on his treatments.

He’s currently working hard to regain his health.”

— Sidus HQ, Kim Woo Bin’s Label

The last time he’s spoken out in public was when he hand wrote a new year greeting for his fans, reassuring them that he is getting better.

(★BREAKING) Kim Woo Bin Writes Letter To Fans For The First Time Since Cancer Diagnosis

Source: Sports Seoul