Kim Woo Bin Reportedly Started An Instagram Account, His Agency Responded

They claimed he was preparing for a comeback.

Earlier today, news reports claimed that Kim Woo Bin updated his personal Instagram account with a new post that had two photos of himself and an emoji caption.

They claimed that this may be a sign that he was gearing up for a comeback after taking a hiatus back in 2017 after he was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer.

kim woo bin instagram 2


However, his agency quickly denied that the account belonged to Kim Woo Bin.

Kim Woo Bin doesn’t run a personal social media account.

The photos were uploaded by a fan that were taken a long time ago.

— SidusHQ

Fans soon discovered that the account was run by a fan who uploaded posts that may appear to look like Kim Woo Bin’s personal account.

The account had once explained that it was a fan account but later deleted the post.

kim woo bin instagram 1

SidusHQ once again clarified that rumors of Kim Woo Bin’s comeback is false as nothing is confirmed and he is still “focusing entirely on his recovery.

kim woo bin instagram 1

Source: Newsen and Segye
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