Kim Woo Bin says he’s more brains than brawns at “Criminal Designer” press conference

Trending model and actor Kim Woo Bin says he’s more brains than he is brawn at a recent press conference held for his upcoming movie Criminal Designer.

On November 18th, a press conference for the highly anticipated crime and action movie Criminal Designer (The Technicians) starring Kim Woo Bin, Lee Hyun Woo, Go Chang Suk, and many other top-notch actors, was held in Seoul.

Kim Woo Bin was present at the conference for his role as Ji Hyuk, who is a safe cracker in the movie. During the conference, MC Park Kyungrim asked Woo Bin, “You are leading a life suited of your title as a ‘Multiplayer’ (Versatile actor). You have also been very busy, but weren’t you tired while on set?”

Kim Woo Bin honestly answered, “I was out of energy, but with the guidance of director Kim Hong Sun, and help from Go Chang Suk sunbae, I was able to overcome my short comings.”

Another question that was asked of the young actor was whether he relied on physical strength or brains more. Kim Woo Bin answered, “I usually think things through. Up until middle school I was a very hard working student, and after that I decided to pursue my passion instead of academics.”

Criminal Designer is a movie that tells the story of expert technicians who come together to plan a large scale robbery. Actors Go Chang Suk, Kim Young Chul, Cho Yoon Hee, and Lim Joo Hwan will also be featuring along side with Kim Woo Bin and Lee Hyun Woo. The film has also given fans a look, with the release of character posters and movie stills. Criminal Designer has already been presold in four different Asian countries at the Asian Film Market that was held from October 4th through 8th in Busan.

The movie has yet to premiere in Korea, but stay tuned for anymore information regarding its release!

Source: TV Report