Kim Woo Bin Shows Sweet Support for His Girlfriend, Shin Min Ah on the Set of Her New Drama

The couple of 5 years is still going on strong.

A coffee truck company recently shared a photo of a coffee truck that Kim Woo Bin sent his girlfriend, Shin Min Ah on the set of her new drama, Chief of Staff.

The caption reads, “Actor, Kim Woo Bin gave actress, Shin Min Ah a gift of support. On the set of Chief of Staff was a sincere support truck that Kim Woo Bin sent over.

The company continued, “Despite the heatwave warning, Shin Min Ah came out and took a photo with it. She seemed happy after reading the message that Kim Woo Bin left for her. Her fellow staff was very jealous.

The banner of the coffee truck reads, “I’m cheering on you, all staff and cast of Chief of Staff! Especially Shin Min Ah. I’m cheering on you very, very much.

Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah announced their relationship back in July fo 2015 and fought Kim Woo Bin’s diagnosis of nasopharyngeal cancer together ever since.

It’s been reported that Shin Min Ah accompanied Kim Woo Bin to the hospital whenever she could, so fans are showing their overwhelming support for the couple of 5 years.

Source: Insight