Kim Woo Bin And Shin Min Ah Donate 100 Million Won To Victims Of Typhoon Hagupit

Prayers go out to the families.

Power couple Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah have done it again as they’ve graciously donated a large sum of money for those in need from a flood. South Korea has been facing violent storms as many victims lost their homes and properties to floods caused by cloudbursts.

Rescue workers search for survivors in flood. | Yonhap News

Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah each donated 50 million won (~$42,000 USD) to non-profit organizations helping out the victims.

This isn’t the first time this power actor couple have donated large sums to help those in need. They’ve recently been large contributors to help the fight against COVID-19, Kim Woo Bin regularly donates to help other cancer patients, and Shin Min Ah has been a regular donor to help with heating expenses for the elderly living alone, treatment of burn patients, support for study room teachers for underprivileged children, and more.

| Hankyung News

South Korea has issued a “crisis mode” ever since Typhoon Hagupit has hit the country hard with its heavy rains, winds, and landslides. Six victims have been pronounced dead so far with seven more missing. Prayers go out to the victims, their families and the rest of the country as they brace the storm.

Typhoon Hagupit hits South Korea. | The Strait Times
Source: Newsen and Accuweather