“Couple Goals!” Kim Woo Bin And Shin Min Ah Seemingly Leave Hard To Miss Clues About Their Theater Date

Please give us some pictures to confirm!

One of the most-loved celebrity couples in the Korean entertainment industry has to be with stars Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah.

Kim Woo Bin | @__kimwoobin/Instagram
Shin Min Ah | @illusomina/Instagram

Although the duo has never been as public with their relationship, sweet moments between the couple have been shared online, and it warms netizens’ hearts. Whether they’re spotted on holiday or sharing their own photos, the two are always one of the sweetest pairings in the Korean entertainment industry.

| theqoo
| theqoo
| theqoo

It seems they might have left clues about a possible date night!

On June 13, Kim Woo Bin made an appearance at the premiere of the new Korean film Labang (literal translation).

| 생생스타·SangSangStar/YouTube
| 생생스타·SangSangStar/YouTube   

As expected, the actor looked handsome AF as he walked on the red carpet. Although he isn’t starring in the film, it was reported that he was there to support his fellow actors and looked dapper in a casual look of just jeans and a T-shirt. Of course, his model experience made it look like he had just stepped off a red carpet.

| @triplepictures_/Instagram

Although only Kim Woo Bin was spotted on the day of the premiere during the photo wall, Shin Min Ah seemingly gave hints that they both attended the event… and they might have even been together.

On June 14, the day after the VIP premiere, Shin Min Ah shared a photo on her Instagram story. The photo was a picture she had taken at the premiere showing the cast of the film and sharing her support for the project.

| @illusomina/Instagram

While the two weren’t spotted together, many netizens have shared their hopes that Woo Bin and Min Ah had some time together amidst their busy schedules. Although they have never been as public with their relationship, they are definitely one of netizens’ favorite pairings.

Source: wikitree and Insight