Kim Woo Bin won’t allow his sister to marry Kang Han Neul or 2PM’s Junho

In an interview with Twenty stars Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, and Junho, KBS2‘s Entertainment Weekly asked them which of their co-stars they would allow their younger sister to marry.

During the March 14th broadcast of Entertainment Weekly, the interviewer was able to sit down with the three main male leads of the upcoming movie Twenty and ask them a few questions.

One of the question the interviewer came across was, “If my younger sister was allowed to marry one anyone…”, thus allowing the three of them to finish off the sentence, and picking one of their co-stars. However, after receiving the question none of them answered, bringing laughter onto the set.

Kim Woo Bin, who actually has a younger sister, replied, “It won’t happen,” preferring that his sister not marry either of them. To this Junho brought more laughter by saying, “I really wish to remain friends with them. I don’t want our families to be broken apart.”

Twenty is a movie that follows three young men played by Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, and 2PM‘s Junho, who are in their twenties exploring life possibilities. The movie contains a plot that highlights the celebration of love and friendship. Twenty is set to premiere March 25th, and have already released teaser stills, official movie posters, and a character trailer video.

The boys have also been in talks about possibly appearing on hit variety show Running Man.

Source: TV Daily