[★UPDATE] Kim Woo Bin’s Close Actor Friend Gives An Update On His Current Health

South Korean actor Hong Jong hyun gave an update on how his friend Kim Woo Bin is doing after being diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer.

Source: Dispatch

While he was being interviewed by a reporter, celebrating his 10 year anniversary as an actor, Hong Jong Hyun gave an update on his actor best friend.

“As of right now, I know that Kim Woo Bin has been doing a lot better than before. I hope he’ll be okay soon,”

— Hong Jong Hyun

Kim Woo Bin was diagnosed in May and is reportedly undergoing treatments for the rare illness, also known as head and neck cancer.

Hong Jong Hyun admitted that he felt bad for not contacting Kim Woo Bin right after finding out about the latter’s illness.

“I was really shocked at first. I knew he wasn’t well but did not quite realize it was to that extent. At the time, I thought that talking to him about it would stress him even further.”

— Hong Jong Hyun

Hong Jong Hyun waited some time until the media buzz about Kim Woo Bin’s illness had gone down to contact Kim Woo Bin.

“We chatted about some stuff and then he called me later again to say that he was doing okay. I’m cheering him on. He will get healthy soon, and I look forward to working with him again.”

— Hong Jong Hyun 

According to Kim Woo Bin’s agency, sidus HQ, he plans on focusing on the treatment and radiation therapy so that he will be fully recovered when he meets his fans.

Until then, Kim Woo Bin has plenty of support from his fans and, of course, from his girlfriend and actress Shin Min Ah.

Shin Min Ah Is The Biggest Support In Kim Woo Bin’s Cancer Treatment

Source: Dispatch