Kim Woo Joo under investigation for evasion of military service

Hip-hop artist Kim Woo Joo is being prosecuted without detention under charges of evasion of military service by the Central Seoul Prosecutor’s Office. 

Kim Woo Joo is under suspicion of avoiding military service after receiving 42 treatments from a psychiatrist after complaining of false symptoms between March of 2012 until July of 2014.

According to the prosecutor’s investigation, Kim Woo Joo complained of “seeing ghosts starting 8 years ago” and “fainting because I was so shocked after seeing a ghost so I had to go to the emergency room,” among other complaints to pose as a psychiatric patient.

According to reports, the doctor was fooled by Kim Woo Joo and prescribed him with over one year of medication and psychiatric treatment for hallucination and insomnia, even writing up a medical certificate for him to send to the military. Kim Woo Joo sent this into the Military Manpower Administration in October of 2014, and was changed from an active soldier candidate to a community service official candidate.

Source: Sports World