Kim Woojin Opens Up About His Optimistic Outlook Regarding His Solo Career During Debut Showcase

In 10 years, Woojin is hopeful that he will…

On August 5, Kim Woojin made his solo debut with the album The moment: 未成年, a minor. In addition to the release of his music video for the title track “Ready Now”, 10x Entertainment held an hour-long live showcase for the artist on four different social media platforms.

During part of the broadcast, Woojin and the host sat down and went over a personal profile he had prepared in advance about himself for viewers. The two read through the entirety of its contents, ranging from simple answers about little things like Woojin’s birth date (April 8!) and personality type (ESFJ!) then delving into deeper questions.

When it came to his inner emotions about the debut, Woojin shared that he wants people to understand his “nervous, but excited heart. I want to show my charms to the fullest extent.”

He was then questioned about what he would want to say to his future self in 10 years, to which he responded with the optimistic statement: “I am hopeful that you will have reached your future goals knowing how hard you worked!”

The final long prompt centered around his fans, the CUBS, and what they mean to him. Woojin adorably read out that “they are ‘music’ to me. They are with me anytime, anywhere and we will be together forever! I love you <3CUBS<3”

You can watch an entire replay of the broadcast here: