Kim Woojin Showed Off His Incredible Abs With A Crop Top In His Pre-Debut MV And Cubs Are Freaking Out

“Give his stylists a raise!”

Soloistย Kim Woojin released the music video for his Pre-Debut single “Still Dream” on July 8 to the delight of his fanbase, the Cubs. The story behind the song is that despite all of the struggles Woojin has faced, he refuses to give up and will continue to fly forward and reach for his dreams.

In addition to the praise fans have given Woojin for his meaningful lyrics and powerful dancing, one of his outfits in particular has also been a topic of conversation. During the second teaser trailer posted a few days before, Cubs had gotten a sneak peak of Woojin’s iconic blue crop top.

Then, once the full video came out, fans got to see his chiseled features in even more detail. Cubs were impressed by the hard work and dedication he put into preparing himself both physically and mentally for the release.

Later that day, behind-the-scenes photos were also shared from the shoot, showing off his naturally stunning visuals.

Now that Woojin has hit more than 300,000 subscribers on YouTube and 100,000 followers on Twitter, Cubs are excited to see how far he will go once he makes his official debut.

What do you think of Woojin’s Pre-Debut release?