Kim Yoo Jung Bares Her Fit Abs For The First Time In New Stunning Summer Photos

Just in time to inspire your indoor corona summer!

Child-actress-turned-lead-actress Kim Yoo Jung unveiled her latest photoshoot for FILA just in time for everyone’s summer inspirations!

She officially shed her adorable image from back in the days as she showcased her fit physique with glamorous curves!

And for the first time ever, she bared her abs for her fans to prove just how hard she’s been working on her summer bod! She had distinct lines down her stomach as she achieved the all-time-goal for many Korean women, the “11 abs”!

Fans and netizens alike couldn’t help but shower her with love and praise as she continued to showcase her growing beauty!

“She’s so refreshing and pretty🧡”

“So pretty there’s no other way to say it^^”

“Crazy.. How can someone be this pretty?”

“Ah~ So refreshing~ She grew up so well!^^”

“FILA is benefiting so much from Yoo Jungㅎㅎㅎ”

— Netizens

Kim Yoo Jung is the latest female endorsing model for FILA, and she seemed to be the perfect fit as she also showcased some of their casual active wear for the summer!

Get inspired for this summer with Kim Yoo Jung’s stunning visuals with FILA!

Source: Newsen