Kim Yoon Ah’s hospitalization turns out to be a rumor

Recently, a certain news article stated Kim Yoon Ah of Jaurim is hospitalized. Kim Yoon Ah denied these claims and further stated that she is fine.

The news of Kim Yoon Ah being in the emergency room was brought to light on the January 17th. The media stated they did not know of the reason but assured that she had been hospitalized in emergency at a local hospital.

Kim Yoon Ah, during her official twitter post, explained that she had “been contacted by her acquaintances in a hurry after the article was released. They all asked me if I was okay. On behalf of this opportunity to explain, I would definitely like to state that I am not sick and I am very healthy. In fact, I am currently planning next year’s activities with our band members. Have a great weekend everyone.” Her twitter post let her fans find peace after the controversial article.

Apparently, a certain media source had released the article without making sure of its facts. The person named Kim Yoon Ah who was actually hospitalized was just another individual with the same name.

The public finds their mistake ridiculous of course, and the fans are not happy with the fact the media did not check for accuracy before releasing their article to the public. Many fans also are looking forward to Jaurim’s next album and their up coming activities this year.

Source: Dong Ah Daily News