Kim Yuna’s Husband And Forestella Member Ko Woo Rim Will Enlist In The Military Soon

Best of luck to the singer!

Ko Woo Rim, a member of the Korean crossover male vocal quartet Forestella, announced that he would be enlisting in the military.

Ko Woo Rim | @woorim_ko/Instagram

On September 26, Forestella’s agency, Beat Interactive, announced that Ko Woo Rim would enlist in the army on November 20.

Forestella’s Ko Woo Rim will be enlisting as an active-duty soldier in the South Korean army. He will serve in the military band, fulfilling his national defense duties diligently.

— Beat Interactive

Beat Interactive stated that they would keep the details of his enlistment private due to safety reasons.

For safety reasons, we will not disclose the location and time of Ko Woo Rim’s enlistment. There will be no separate official event, and we ask for the understanding and cooperation of fans and the press.

— Beat Interactive

Forestella members | @woorim_ko/Instagram

Ko Woo Rim shared the news of his enlistment with his fans through his official fan cafe earlier that day. He expressed his hope that fans would receive the news well and that he would hurry back from his duties and continue his music career.

Before his enlistment, Ko Woo Rim plans to complete his official schedules, including the 2023 Forestella Festival, where he can meet and greet fans directly.


In July 2022, Ko Woo Rim was caught on a date with Olympic figure skater Kim Yuna, and it was reported that they had been dating since December 2021. The couple got married in October of 2022.

Kim Yuna (left) and Ko Woo Rim (right) | Beat Interactive

Read Ko Woo Rim’s letter to his fans here.

Hello, everyone! It’s me, Woo Rim!

The weather has become cooler, and it really feels like autumn is approaching.

I hope you’re all preparing well for the upcoming holidays and enjoying a happy time in the remaining September^^

And, everyone! I have some news to share with you.

Starting from November 20th, 2023, I will be undergoing basic military training and serving in the South Korean military band.

I’ve always felt sorry for causing you more worry than comfort since my debut until now, but finally, the time has come for both you and me to complete this assignment in our hearts!

Fortunately, I’ll be able to attend the Forestella Festival, other performances, and events before my enlistment, so I’m truly grateful for that.

I know this news can feel heavy or relieving for our SoopByeol, Woorims, but rest assured that I’ll fulfill my military duties with pride and return so I hope you receive this news with a joyful and light heart^^

Time passes quickly, everyone! I’ll be back soon to continue our activities as a whole!

I wanted to share this news with you directly before you read it in the news.

Since there’s still plenty of time before my enlistment, let’s create enjoyable memories together during the remaining time.

Thank you always, our SoopByeol, Ullim♡

— Ko Woo Rim


Source: Xsports News