Kim Yuna And Ko Woo Rim’s Luxurious Newlywed Home Is Revealed

It’s one of the most exclusive properties in Seoul.

Newlyweds Kim Yuna and Ko Woo Rim are making news after their luxurious home was revealed.

Kim Yuna (left) and Ko Woo Rim (right) |

In the October 27 episode of KBS‘s Entertainment Company Live, the show revealed the home of Olympic legend Kim Yuna and Forestella member Ko Woo Rim.

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According to the show, the two have chosen a luxurious villa in the Seoul neighborhood of Heukseok-Dong in Dongjak-Gu to call home. The home was first bought by Kim Yuna in 2011 and will be home to the couple after remodeling the interior.

The episode featured the interior of the space, showing a panoramic view of the Han River. The interior features round pillars, marble flooring, and a closed kitchen. The complex has only 18 residences, which ensures the couple’s privacy.

According to a real estate expert, the complex is highly exclusive and extremely expensive.

Real estate agents vet potential buyers and ask what they do for a living. They don’t show the place to just anyone. The residences are large enough for three families to live in. Each room has a view of the Han River. The villa was worth ₩4.60 billion KRW (about $3.24 million USD) last year, so it may be worth even more. If you aren’t rich, you can’t live here.

— Real Estate expert

Meanwhile, Kim Yuna and Ko Woo Rim recently got married at the exclusive Shilla Hotel on October 22. You can find out more about their wedding in the article below!

Video Clip Of Kim Yuna Kissing Ko Woo Rim At Their Wedding Goes Viral

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