This Handsome Idol Is Kim Jaehwan’s No.1 Fanboy

And this idol could possibly be Kim Jaehwan’s most handsome fanboy at that!

During a recent Wanna One fansign event, Kim Jaehwan had an unexpected fan visit him at his table.


As he was spending some quality one-on-one time with his fans, a familiar-looking fan suddenly appeared in front of him, asking for his signature.


The hardcore fan began clapping above his head as Kim Jaehwan was signing his autograph and looked extremely happy!


Kim Jaehwan then offered his hand for a handshake…


But the fan went in for a surprise hug instead!


After the whole experience, the fan, who turned out to be none other than Kang Daniel, did a small victory dance and looked like the happiest person alive!


At a previous fansign event, Kim Jaehwan had apparently done the same for Kang Daniel and this was Kang Daniel’s way of returning the affection!


Fans are absolutely in love with the playful personalities of these two 96-liners, who are the perfect duo together.

  • “They’re the same age so they get along really well lol. It’s so cute to see them joke around.”
  • “So are they fans of each other? Lol.”
  • “It makes me all happy inside when I see them joke around like that.”
  • “Fanboy Daniel is so funny lol. Jjaenie’s fan service is the best too.”
  • “I stan this combination!”
  • “They’re both so cute!”
  • “They look really close! When they were deciding on the unit members, Jaehwan really wanted to do it with Daniel and Daniel also gets along and likes Jaehwan. They’re so good together!”
  • “They both have so many things in common! These two with the addition of Ong seem to get along really well like they’re more than just business partners!”


Check out a clip of their interaction below!

Source: Pann Nate

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