“Sex Boy?” Kim Jin Young From “Single’s Inferno 2” Gets A New Nickname Because Of His Dating Style

It went from 0 to 100 real quick.

Kim Jin Young, best known for his appearance on Netflix‘s reality dating show Single’s Inferno 2, recently got a new, unexpected nickname after sharing his dating style.

Kim Jin Young | @dex_xeb/Instagram

On JTBC‘s 19+ talk show called Green Light (also referred to as Witch Hunt), panelists Code Kunst, Joo Woo Jae, Shin Dong Yup, Kim Eana, Lee Mijoo, and Kim Jin Young discussed “taboo” topics of sex and romance.

Panelists Joo Woo Jae, Kim Eana, Shin Dong Yup, Code Kunst, and Lee Mijoo (left to right) | TVING

In the third episode of Green Light, Kim Jin Young (also referred to as Dex) shared that despite his “bad boy image,” he was a “yugyo boy,” a Korean slang term to describe a conservative or overly formal man. It originates from “yugyo girl,” which has the same meaning but for women. It is a play on word from singer Lee Hyori‘s song “U-Go-Girl,” which has lyrics about a free-spirited woman—the opposite of a “yugyo girl.”

Lee Hyori performing “U-Go-Girl” | MBC

Claiming that he was quite conservative when it came to dating, Kim Jin Young revealed that when he was in school, he had a unique belief that one shouldn’t date until they were an adult—and he lived by his beliefs. Although he changed while growing up, he admitted he is still conservative in some ways when dating. For example, if his girlfriend were to go drinking, he would not want her to go—not because he doesn’t trust his girlfriend but because he doesn’t trust other people.


One must not date before becoming an adult.

Kim Jin Young also shared that when he’s interested in somebody, he seems cold and unfriendly outside, whereas his heart beats nervously. Many people saw this side of him in Single’s Inferno 2 during his interactions with Shin Seul Ki.

| Netflix 

Lee Mijoo then mentioned that Kim Jin Young once shared that he needed a connection with a woman within three seconds of meeting her. Kim Jin Young confirmed this and shared that looking at the physical attributes of a woman can determine if she’s his style or not.

To put it simply, I look at just the physical attributes and within three seconds, I can clearly determine if this person is my style or not. I have an ideal type—it’s not just about being pretty. Afterwards, I determine if our personalities match.

— Kim Jin Young


He admitted that he never liked someone slowly—it was always an instant attraction or no attraction at all in the first three seconds. Kim Eana and Lee Mijoo jokingly poked at him, saying that his love fades so quickly because he only looks at physical appearances. Kim Jin Young defended himself by asking how one can physically look at someone’s heart and see what kind of person they are.

Wait, but that’s not fair because you can’t take out your heart and show people what kind of person you are. So isn’t it inevitable that you’re attracted to physical appearances at first?

— Kim Jin Young

At that moment, famous songwriter Kim Eana joked that he should have a new nickname instead of “yugyo boy” because of his instant attraction to physical appearances.

| JTBC green light/YouTube 

I think you need to change your nickname to ‘sungyo boy.’

— Kim Eana

“Sungyo” in English means “sex,” which means the nickname she gave him is “sex boy.” The panelists burst out in laughter at the new suggested nickname, and Kim Jin Young said he doubted his ears for a second.


Kim Jin Young was a former UDT (Korean Navy SEAL) before gaining attention for his appearance in reality programs Toy Soldiers and Game of Blood. Last year, he became more well-known after appearing on Single’s Inferno 2. Currently, he runs a YouTube channel and consistently appears on various television programs.

Source: JTBC Green Light