[★BREAKING] Kim Yoo Jung Rushed To Hospital After Shock Attack

Kim Yoo Jung has been hospitalized after having a stress-induced shock attack after a long week of receiving criticism for ‘acting inappropriate’ at a movie premiere. 

SidusHQ revealed that Kim Yoo Jung has unfortunately been hospitalized after having a shock attack on December 26th. This is the second time she has been hospitalized this week after suffering from a severe flu as well.

“Kim Yoo Jung was showing signs of stress induced shock last night (December 26th) and was rushed to the hospital. She is currently hospitalized and in a very bad condition to continue with her activities. We are currently unable to make any decisions regarding her future activities.”

— SidusHQ

The controversy began earlier this week when Kim Yoo Jung was criticized for standing one foot forward while on stage, and also picking her nails. Picking your nails in public is considered rude in Korean culture.

“Kim Yoo Jung is aware of the problem that is being discussed online and is regretting that her actions have caused such controversy and that she has disappointed fans who have always trusted her.

The company will do it’s best to never let such an incident repeat itself. We bow our head and apologize for causing everyone discomfort and worry.”

— SidusHQ

However, fans who attended the event defended the 17-year-old actress by saying she was not rude at all. They revealed that Kim Yoo Jung was smiling brightly at the event and interacted brightly with the rest of the cast on stage.

I was there and she was not rude in the slightest. She was bright, kind and well mannered throughout the event.”

— Fan in attendance at Movie Premiere

Soon afterward, it was revealed that Kim Yoo Jung was suffering from a severe flu, while at the event. She ended up being rushed to the emergency room due to being so exhausted. Kim Yoo Jung eventually announced she would be stopping all activities until she fully healed, most likely on the recommendations of doctors.

“Kim Yoo Jung’s flu got severely worse after she returned from her event in Honkong that lasted 2 days. She was taken to the emergency and treated overnight. We are not overly worried but she seems to have been extremely exhausted due to her busy schedule. She plans to stop all activities and rest until she can fully heal.”

— SidusHQ

We hope Kim Yoo Jung rests up and heals quickly.

Source: Herald Corp and Sports Donga