“King The Land” Infuriates Audiences Further With Response To Criticism Over Representation Of Arabs

“This isn’t right… I thought they would apologize.”

King The Land‘s production team responded to the controversy surrounding the K-Drama’s portrayal of an Arabic prince.

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Previously, it was reported that the hit K-Drama King The Land has come under fire for its disrespectful and problematic representation of Arabs.

“King The Land” Viewers Offended By The Disrespectful And Problematic Representation Of Arabs

The controversy stems from the K-Drama’s character, Prince Samir. In the K-Drama, the prince is depicted as someone who likes alcohol and women. Others felt is was disrespectful that the show hired an Indian actor to play an Arabic character.

As the controversy grew, King The Land’s production team responded to the issue in a report released by SPOTV News. In their response, the production team stated they had no intention to offend audiences, citing the fact that the drama did not specify the prince’s origins.

All characters, areas, and nominations that appear in the drama are works of fiction. We never specified the prince’s country of origin.

— King The Land production team

The K-Drama’s response to the controversy did little to quell audiences’ criticism. Many felt the K-Drama’s response was disingenuous and demanded that the production company apologize.

  • “In the scene in which Yoona hands flowers to the prince, she mentions the prince is Arabic. LOL. No matter how you look at it, this is disrespectful to Arabs and their culture. Just apologize.”
  • “Ah, right… So you’re saying if another show depicts a character acting like a fool while wearing a Hanbok, as long as his country of origin isn’t revealed, he isn’t Korean?”
  • “This isn’t right… I thought they would apologize.”
  • “This idiotic drama’s explanation is also idiotic.”
  • “Oh, you idiots, LOL. You guys are low class.”
  • “Apologize correctly.”
  • “You guys (Production team) are too much.”

  • “Just please apologize.”
  • “Stating he is Arab might not specify the character’s country of origin, but it specifies his culture. LOL. I guess you don’t know that it is even more problematic?”
  • “I mean, just apologize. Why are you avoiding it like children? Just apologize and edit out the problematic scenes.”
  • “What are you even saying?”
  • “Just acknowledge it and apologize.”
  • “This is not it… You need to apologize for your mistakes.”
  • “Idiots.”

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Source: theqoo and spotv news

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