The King of Norway Eagerly Questions When BTS Will Visit and Perform in His Country

The King of Norway also compared Korea’s Kimchi to Norway’s Rakfisk.

The King of Norway, Harald V recently held a banquet in his own country which was also attended by the president of Korea, Moon Jae In who was visiting Norway at the time.

During his speech, Harald V mentioned Korea by stating, “Both Korea and Norway like fermented foods. Korea has Kimchi while Norway has Rakfisk.

He then went on to say, “I don’t know if it’s because of K-Pop, but a lot of our students travel abroad to study in Korea. On their behalf, I’d like to ask when BTS will come to Norway.

Despite BTS being a world-famous group that has performed in countless countries already, they have yet to hold a concert in Norway.

But BTS has visited Norway in the past for one of their popular V Live broadcasts, “BTS Bon Voyage”.

Source: Insight