Kingdom Is Criticized For The Group’s “Japanese-Inspired” Album Concept


Netizens criticized Kingdom for the group’s latest album concept.

Kingdom | JoongAng Daily

On March 7, Kingdom released the first concept photo for their upcoming mini-album, History Of Kingdom: Part VI. Mujin.

In the picture, the Kingdom members are seen attire flower-printed attire and posing around member Mujin, who will reportedly be the focus of this album. According to the group’s label, the outfit is the attire of the group’s fictional “Flower Kingdom” and is part of their “Asian Fantasy” concept.

| GF Entertainment

Netizens, however, reacted negatively to the photo due to the fact that the outfit the members are wearing allegedly resembles the kimono, a garb worn traditionally in Japan.

Japanese kimono | aliexpress

Netizens criticized the concept expressing that they were uncomfortable with the fact that the K-Pop idols were borrowing concepts from Japanese history.

| theqoo 

  • “Which label do they belong to? Are they not aware of the times? Did they have to choose this concept?”
  • “They should have just gone with a Korean concept.”
  • “Flower Kingdom, LOL. What do they think this is? Frozen?”
  • “Asian fantasy? It just seems like a Japanese fantasy to me.”
  • “They are saying it is an Asian concept because they themselves knew they would be criticized if they said it was a Japanese concept.”
  • “J-Pop?”
  • “Hey, you guys should also shave your head like the Japanese. LOL.”
  • “Why call this an Asian concept? They should have just called it Japanese.”

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Source: jtbc news and theqoo