Mnet’s “Kingdom” Reveals Global Fans Will Dominate Voting Criteria & Confirms There Will Be No Eliminations

It’s all down to the fans.

Are you ready to help your favorite boy group reach the top spot on Mnet‘s Kingdom: Legendary War? You’d better be, because the show’s production director revealed the evaluation criteria at the Kingdom press conference ahead of the premiere.

An industry insider recently divulged that unlike in Road to Kingdom, Kingdom: Legendary War will not have any eliminations. Instead, they stated all six groups will compete together right up until the finale, giving everyone a chance at the crown. At the show’s recent press conference, production director Lee Young Joo confirmed that the rumors are true—no group will face elimination in Kingdom.


According to the PD, since all six groups have their own styles and all create legendary stages, it would be impossible to eliminate any of them from the competition until the final stage. So, with that in mind, how will the results be calculated? Lee Young Joo outlined the evaluation criteria ahead of the show’s premiere.

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Perhaps surprisingly, the biggest factor determining each group’s ranking on the show will come from fans all over the world—not just in South Korea. According to Kingdom‘s criteria, global and domestic fan voting will count towards 40% of the points.

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Next, 25% of the points will come from peer evaluation. This means groups will get a chance to vote for each other during the show based on which performances they find most impressive.

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The third criterion is expert voting. According to Lee Young Joo, a panel of 30 experts will be revealed on the show, including music critics, music video directors, choreographers, and more. Their votes will account for a further 25% of the total points.


Finally, 10% of the points will come from each group’s video score—how many views they get for their performances. Ultimately, that means fans have the power to sway 50% of the score in total.

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On top of that, Lee Young Joo also noted that the rules for the live finale broadcast will be different from the usual scoring criteria. However, those rules won’t be revealed until the time comes.

“Kingdom” chief producer Park Chan Wook | Mnet
Source: TenAsia