KISS OF LIFE’s Belle Sings The Part Of LE SSERAFIM’s “Unforgiven” She Wrote — Her Voice Blows Netizens Away

“She has a Park Bom and Rosé feel.”

Anyone who is a fan of rookie K-Pop girl group KISS OF LIFE knows that member Belle is more than just her beauty—she also has songwriting talents that got her recognized even before her debut.


Earlier this month, KISS OF LIFE debuted with the song “Shhh” and received positive feedback from netizens. Made up of four members, Belle, Natty, Julie, and Haneul, KISS OF LIFE showed their talents, charisma, and potential as a rookie group.

Haneul, Belle, Natty, and Julie (left to right) | @KISSOFLIFE_S2/Twitter

Belle was a member who gained attention before her debut. When Belle was announced to be a part of KISS OF LIFE, fans anticipated her debut, as she was known for being one of the writers of LE SSERAFIM‘s hit song “Unforgiven” featuring Nile Rodgers. According to the Korea Music Copyright Association, she participated as a lyricist and composer.

LE SSERAFIM members in the “Unforgiven” music video | HYBE

On MBC Radio‘s GOT7 Youngjae’s Best Friend, the members of KISS OF LIFE spoke with GOT7‘s Youngjae about themselves and their debut. While picking hashtags to describe another member, Belle was given the hashtag “pink princess” by Natty, who said Belle loves pink and is like a princess—just like her name!

KISS OF LIFE on “GOT7 Youngjae’s Best Friend” | MBC Radio/YouTube

Youngjae then asked Belle about her songwriting in “Unforgiven,” and Belle revealed for the first time that she participated in writing the second verse of the song. She wrote this part while she was preparing for KISS OF LIFE. Then, she performed the part of the second verse that she wrote.

In the clip of her singing the second verse of “Unforgiven,” netizens couldn’t stop praising Belle for her songwriting talents and unique voice. Over 800 comments complimented the young singer, and many pointed out that Belle brings a whole different feeling to the song.

| MBC Radio/YouTube
  • “What the, her singing this makes the song come alive”
  • “At first, it was just so-so, but suddenly when she started grooving and saying, ‘Aye,” she killed it. I literally watched it over ten times; her live singing is so good, and her tone is so unique and nice to listen to”
  • “Wow, her live is crazy… I thought she’d sing one or two lines, but it’s longer than I thought lol she’s so talented”
  • “Wow, she sings ridiculously well”
  • “Whoa, as soon as she started singing, I saw her as a knockout… legendary voice”
  • “It has a completely different feel—a YG feel”
  • “Whoa, from singing to lyrics to songwriting, she’s so good; Belle’s insane”
  • “She’s freakin’ good at singing haha”
  • “She’s amazing, from her tone to style of singing….”
  • “Now I understand the saying that voices are like instruments; wow, I’m surprised”

Some said her voice sounded like singers Park Bom and Rosé, and others said it’s no wonder she was a trainee at SM Entertainment, which is known for scouting talented singers.

| MBC Radio/YouTube
  • “There’s a reason she was an SM trainee… She’s so good at singing”
  • “Her groove is no joke lol she has a Park Bom and Rosé feel”
  • “It’s freakin’ shocking that she was born in 2004… How is she 19?”
  • “It’s like she has autotune inside her… She’s so good, wth… She has the skills to go solo…”
  • “The song seems detailed and captivating; it’s a totally different song…”
  • “I got goosebumps from the ‘Let’s started’ part; she’s so good😮 Amazing”
  • “… Wow, her vocals are crazy… I want to hear her sing the whole song..”

Belle has also written songs for PURPLE KISS, Kid Milli, and (G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon. At 19 years old, Belle has shown the public her capabilities as an all-rounder musician.

Source: MBC Radio/YouTube