Video Of KISS OF LIFE’s Julie Saying A Racial Slur Resurfaces — A Netizen Seemingly Calls Her Out On A Music Show Livestream

It was from Julie’s time as a YG Trainee!

Following her debut with KISS OF LIFE, K-Pop idol Julie‘s past behavior when saying a racial slur has resurfaced, especially after a moment on a music show with a fan.


Julie recently debuted in KISS OF LIFE, and the group has gained attention for their unreal performance and releases. In particular, the concept matches the maturity of the members, who are all adults.

KISS OF LIFE’s “Shh” music video | KISS OF LIFE/YouTube
| KISS OF LIFE/YouTube   

Yet, a clip has resurfaced from the idol’s time in YG Entertainment. In the clip, Julie was seen rapping and saying the n-word.

Although it was first brought up many years ago, the clip of Julie saying the racist slur resurfaced following news of her debut in KISS OF LIFE. On various platforms, the video regained attention.

While many people were aware of it, the situation regained attention after their recent performance on ARIRANG‘s show Simply K-Pop. Unsurprisingly, their performances shined, and the members gained attention for their unreal talent and concept that perfectly matched their age.



Simply K-Pop is normally streamed live, and since COVID, there have been live audience members watching from home.

In a clip allegedly from the recent episode, when the members were doing their ending fairies, as the camera panned, an audience member could be heard saying, “Julie, apologize for the ‘n word’ thing.”

It seems like the video was edited, and the version shared online didn’t include the phrase being heard over the group’s performance. Yet, when the video was posted, while many found the way it was done hilarious but others hoped it would raise awareness and the idol would apologize.

While it has been a long time since the video was first released, now that Julie has debuted, many want an apology and for her to acknowledge that what she did was wrong.