KISS OF LIFE’s Natty Didn’t Expect Red Velvet Seulgi And Joy’s Reaction To Their Reunion

The three idols briefly trained together at SM Entertainment.

KISS OF LIFE‘s star-studded line-up immediately caught netizens’ attention after S2 Entertainment announced the group’s upcoming debut in May 2023.

Among the four talented members is Natty, who made a name for herself years before her debut with KISS OF LIFE.

KISS OF LIFE’s Natty | @natty_0530/Instagram

In 2015, Natty appeared on Mnet and JYP Entertainment‘s idol competition show SIXTEEN, missing out on an opportunity to debut with TWICE when she was eliminated during the show’s final episode.

Two years later, she competed for a chance to debut with fromis_9 and was eliminated during the final episode of Idol School.

Finally, in 2020, Natty successfully made her solo debut to the delight of fans.

Natty, when she competed on “SIXTEEN” | 아시아투데이

Natty was known as a former JYP Entertainment trainee, but before she joined that “Big 3” company, she had joined another.

When she was 11, the talented KISS OF LIFE member briefly trained at SM Entertainment. There, she became close with the Red Velvet‘s Joy and Seulgi when they were also trainees.

Red Velvet’s Joy (left) and Seulgi (right)

KISS OF LIFE and Red Velvet’s promotions recently overlapped, which led Natty to reunite with Seulgi and Joy.

In a recollection of the event, which Natty shared on the artist-to-fan communication app Bubble, the KISS OF LIFE member revealed that she was afraid they wouldn’t remember her since they had only trained together for a short time.

| @natty_0530/Instagram

Instead, the two Red Velvet members not only remembered her but also fondly told her she had “come such a long way” and that she was “doing great.

The heartwarming interaction was “deeply moving” for the KISS OF LIFE member, and she couldn’t help gushing about how sweet the two Red Velvet members were.

Natty’s story about meeting Red Velvet’s Joy and Seulgi | Bubble

I actually trained with Red Velvet’s Joy and Seulgi unnies for a short while before I entered JYPE. And I thought they wouldn’t remember me, but they both told me that I’ve come such a long way. And they said that I’m doing great, too. So, I was deeply moved today. They’re so sweet… Like, wow.

— KISS OF LIFE’s Natty

Natty recently opened up about her career and explained why she decided to debut in a group following her 2020 solo debut.

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