K-Netizens React To Virtual Idol Group Receiving Actual In-Ear Monitors As Gift From Fans

We are living in different times!

Recently, an online community board gained much attention for the virtual K-Pop idol group PLAVE, receiving an unexpected gift from fans. Photos of the members wearing in-ear monitors were posted online, revealing that fans had sent them actual ones as a gift to the members!






Netizens were surprised at the gift as they were a virtual group.

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Wow what an interesting world we live in.”
  • “Wow.”
  • “Wow this actually works?”
  • “Did they actually receive the real gift and implement it into the image? Honestly, they probably only sing indoors so not sure if they really need one but still it’s interesting.”
  • “Interesting, so then who receives the actual in-ear montior?”
  • “Wow it’s pretty.”
  • “Wow so they use it when they perform?”
  • “Probably the actual singer will use it.”
  • “If they are virtual, is it animation or CGI? It’s interesting that fans actually send this.”
  • “It’s cool to see it actually implemented.”

What are your thoughts on the gift?

Source: theqoo