K-Netizens React To Original Lyrics For aespa’s “Drama”

This doesn’t match their style!

K-pop girl group aespa recently returned with its fourth mini album, Drama. With the release, the original lyrics for the album resurfaced on online community boards, gaining much attention.

aespa | @aespa_official/Twitter

Previously, aespa had planned a comeback at the beginning of the year, but it was delayed due to the members not favoring the lyrics with themes of sustainability and planting trees.

aespa | @aespa_official/Twitter

According to an insider, the melody, lyrics, and arrangement were completely redone, causing the song’s promotions to be delayed and for “Spicy” to be promoted instead.

K-Netizens that saw this were just shocked with the original lyrics.

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Do those lyrics sound okay? What on earth is wind, sun, and water?”
  • “Some parts of the lyrics sound like a direct translation of lyrics of a Chinese song.”
  • “The lyrics now are much better. Very addictive.”
  • “I am the wind, water, and sunlight…I guess this sounds better than the ‘coexistence’ part. That part is even more strange. It’s in Korean, but I don’t understand it.”
  • “Oh, it’s so bad it’s crazy lol. Aside from being bad, it doesn’t match the group’s identity. How can the original lyrics be better.”
  • “Regardless of the quality of the lyrics, the intention behind including those lyrics was because of Lee Soo Man’s business. And is that really okay? Unless the concept is eco-friendly, the lyrics should also fit the concept. It doesn’t match the group’s style, and it’s strange.”
  • “If this song is about loving nature, loving the earth, and protecting the environment, it comes out of nowhere, but the lyrics are lame. Imagine if you were singing a love song and suddenly the lyrics about planting a tree appeared in the chorus, and you were singing a song showing off your swagger and saying that you are the best, and then you said, let’s plant a tree and something like this, are the lyrics of the song normal?”
  • “Wow, the original lyrics haha. What is this, Captain Planet? Lol”

What are your thoughts on the lyrics? Watch the full music video below!

Source: theqoo