(★BREAKING) Daughter Of Choi Soon Sil Attacked By Man Armed With Knife At Her Own Home

Jung Yoo Ra, Choi Soon Sil’s daughter, was the victim of a violent breaking and entering late last night.

The individual in question apparently broke into her apartment in Gangnam, Sinsa-dong and brandished a weapon at her.

As of yet, there are no reports on Yoo Ra’s well-being, but the trespasser has been arrested and police are in the process of investigating the crime.

It is unclear what the suspect’s motives were, but some speculate that it could have to do with Jung Yoo Ra’s ties to this year’s political scandal.

Her mother, Choi Soon Sil illicitly advised Park Geun Hye during her presidency and was famous for using her position to benefit her family.

Jung Yoo Ra, in particular, allegedly received questionable gifts and treatment from Ewha Women’s University and Samsung due to her mother’s connections.

Source: Nate