“The It’s Know” Suspends Replay Service For Burning Sun Episode

“The production staff is currently in a meeting.”

The replay service of the recent Burning Sun episode of The It’s Know has been suspended as of March 25 as it is not uploaded on SBS‘s official web page or broadcast content platforms.

In response to the issue, SBS has announced that the production staff is currently having a meeting and that they will make further announcements later.

The production staff is currently in a meeting. We will announce futher details after confirmation.



On March 23, The It’s Know released an episode that dealt with the Burning Sun gate in depth. They revealed more about Madam Lin and even suggested actor Ji Chang Wook‘s relation with the Seungri Scandal as he was seen in a picture taken with Madam Lin and was also allegedly spotted at Burning Sun during his vacation from the military.


Ji Chang Wook’s agency later released a statement denying all accusations.

Ji Chang Wook Denies Having Connections To Seungri Scandal Investor “Madam Lin”




Source: TV Report

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