KO Sound leaves a message to fans regarding HOTSHOT’s recent car accident

Hours after news broke that rookie male group HOTSHOT was involved in a minor accident on the afternoon of December 6th, their agency KO Sound personally wrote an update to fans via their SNS accounts.

On December 7th, the agency wrote via HOTSHOT’s official Facebook page the following post:

“Hello, this is KO sound.
Yesterday on December 6th, a lot of people were surprised by the news of HOSHOT’s car accident.

We were rear ended by a following vehicle on the way to the Ilsan fan sign event after the last performance of ‘Take a Shot’. There were six members, a stylist and a manager in the car. They suffered minor injuries, and we tried to get them to the hospital right away, but the members insisted on going to the fan sign event first, so we took two cars and went to the event.

Because the event ran late [started late], the event felt a bit rushed, but everyone cooperated and things went smoothly. The member were transported to a near by hospital for close examination. Hojung went through CT scans because of jaw pains and everyone was released around 12AM KST.

The members are currently resting and saying they wish to continue with the fan sign event at Incheon today ㅠㅡㅠ therefore, the event will continue as scheduled. We plan to treat them while adhering to the planned schedules.

Those who waited at yesterday’s event because of the accident, and those who were worried at the news of HOTSHOT, I would like to thank all of you, and the members are showing that they will try to repay for all your love despite this accident! I hope you will all keep an eye on HOTSHOT’s future activities. Everyone watch out for cars and the cold!

Thank you.”

HOTSHOT were rear-ended by another vehicle while the group was on their way to Ilsan from the MBC Music Core studio to complete a fan signing schedule.

Fans who saw the agency’s post on behalf of the group posted caring comments, bidding them to take care of their health and to recover quickly.