Actress Ko Sung Hee Is Reportedly Getting Married In November, Her Agency Confirms

Congratulations to the couple!

Actress Ko Sung Hee shocked fans when it was reported that she was getting married.

Ko Sung Hee | MS Team

According to a JTBC report on October 17, the actress will be getting married to her non-celebrity fiancé. It was reported that she is quietly letting those around her know of her upcoming nuptials.

The JTBC report stated that Ko Sung Hee decided to marry because of the faith and love she feels for her future partner. It is said because her fiancé is a non-celebrity, she is keeping the ceremony and its preparations under wraps.

After the report was released, Ko Sung Hee’s label MSTEAM responded to the news with a statement.

Ko Sung Hee is getting married in November.


Ko Sung Hee is a popular actress who debuted in 2013. Since her debut, the actress has gone on to become one of Korea’s most bankable actors starring in a long list of hits that include, My Holo Love, Suits, Trade Your Love, and While You Were Sleeping.


Source: JTBC and Xsports
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