Ko Woo Rim Will Take Legal Action Against “Fake News” About His Marriage With Kim Yuna

The lies about the couple’s marriage was too much.

Ko Woo Rim, a member of the crossover quartet Forestella and husband of Olympic figure skater Kim Yuna, has stated through his agency that they will take legal action against “fake news.”

Ko Woo Rim | Beat Interactive

Recently, many YouTube videos have claimed that Ko Woo Rim and Kim Yuna were planning to get divorced because he supposedly cheated on her while she was overseas for work.

On February 16, Kim Yuna’s agency, All That Sports, addressed these videos by announcing that they would take legal action against anyone who makes or spreads “fake news” content for defamation and false information.

Under the guise of freedom of expression, fake news is spreading like poisonous mushrooms, targeting sports stars and celebrities.

— All That Sports Management

Kim Yuna (left) and Ko Woo Rim (right) | Beat Interactive

Shortly after Kim Yuna’s announcement, Ko Woo Rim’s agency Beat Interactive released an official statement stating they would take legal action against anyone who spreads fake news. They said they would take zero-tolerance action against “fake news” to prevent damage to Ko Woo Rim, Kim Yuna, his family members, and fans.

Here is the complete statement.

Hello, this is Beat Interactive.

To protect the rights and interests of our artist Ko Woo Rim (Forestella), we will proceed with a zero-tolerance legal response to ‘fake news.’

Recently, it was confirmed that absurd ‘fake news’ about Ko Woo Rim was being uploaded and distributed online, and continuous monitoring has determined that excessive ‘fake news’ content is still being made.

The company judged that the eradication of ‘fake news’ was to prevent secondary damage to Ko Woo Rim, family members, and fans, and decided to take legal action under a zero-tolerance policy.

There will be an active investigation to follow.

In addition, we will take the lead in protecting the rights and interests of our artists by applying the zero-tolerance principle in response processes without any negotiations.

In addition to this case, we promise to respond thoroughly to rights violations such as sexual harassment, defamation, personal attacks, insults, dissemination of false information, malicious slander, and invasion of privacy.

Thank you to all the fans who continuously love and support our Beat Interactive artists.

Beat Interactive will continue to do its best to protect our artists and fans from getting hurt by malicious behavior.

Thank you.

— Beat Interactive


Source: OSEN, YTN and Image