Konus Brand CEO Calls Out Fashion Brands 88rising And Irene Kim For Imitating His Concepts

Some of the similarities are more obvious than others!

CEO and Creative Director of Konus Brand, Devin Kang, has recently called out several high-profile fashion brands on Instagram for re-creating his concepts with crediting his work.

In his statement, Kang shared how he believes the various brands have been copying the brand he created when he was 16.

There have been multiple brands who’ve imitated or re-created my concept for their brand and personal gain. Some brands may have altered the look to make it seem less obvious, while others went the same exact route.

— Devin Kang

Looking at some big brands such as 88rising and Irene Kim, Kang posted side-by-side comparisons to his own brand photos.

| @boykonan/Instagram
| @boykonan/Instagram
| @boykonan/Instagram

The posts appeared to show similarities between Konus Brand and the other companies in concept, photoshoot backgrounds, and the model’s poses. In the emotional post, Kang also spoke about how much Konus Brand means to him and that it was a way to cope with the depression he was suffering.

My main goal was to showcase an accurate self-portrayal of who I was so that people who may go through the same, or even worse, problems as I do understand that having a passion for something positive replaces any negativity.

— Devin Kang

Kang ends the post by emphasizing that he does not want fame or sympathy. He intends to “bring a sense of humanity” into the industry after his personal motive for the project was taken out of context and misused by other brands.

Kang has worked with several K-Hip Hop artists in the past, and South Korean rapper BewhY shared the post on his Instagram story in support.

BeWhy’s Instagram story promoting Devin Kang’s post. |@bewhy.meshasoulja/Instagram

Read Devin Kang’s full statement below: