(★TRENDING) Koo Hara Rumored To Have Attempted Suicide, Agency Responds

Rumors claimed Koo Hara tried to take her life by overdosing on pills.

Malicious rumors spread online that Koo Hara was taken to a hospital in Seoul after attempting suicide by taking pills.


Netizens began to speculate widely when the hospital released vague statements that didn’t confirm or deny the rumors.

“It’s difficult for us to confirm if she was hospitalized for attempted suicide or other reasons.

We also can’t confirm if she walked in herself in a conscious state or if she was brought in unconsciously.”

— S Hospital


Koo Hara’s agency stepped in to clarify that the rumors were untrue. They revealed that she was taken to the hospital but the rumors were widely misinformed.

“It’s true that Koo Hara visited the hospital for health reasons but it was not because of attempted suicide.

The rumors that were spread are untrue. It wasn’t a severe case, but news became twisted as it spread. She’s not in a serious state.”

— Content Y


They later revealed that she visited the hospital to get treated for the symptoms of her prescribed medication that she takes on a regular basis to treat insomnia and indigestion.

“She’s had issues with insomnia and indigestion for a long time. She visited the hospital to get treated for the continual symptoms.

She didn’t feel well after taking the prescribed medicine, so she went to get checked on her status. The rumors are untrue.”

— Content Y


Koo Hara had walked into the hospital voluntarily on her own two feet. She was conscious at the time of check in. She is currently resting in the hospital while receiving tests and treatments.

“Koo Hara walked into the hospital on her own two feet.

She’s currently resting while being hospitalized.”

— Content Y


Her agency asks everyone to stop spreading malicious rumors as it would only cause harm to Koo Hara and everyone involved.

“Spreading such malicious rumors only leads to [Koo Hara] getting hurt.”

— Content Y

Source: Daily Today, Newsen, Hankyung and Segye