[★K:OP-ED] Possible reasons behind Jimin being harshly criticized

The program Unpretty Rapstar brought into light various underground hip hop stars along with few forgotten faces like Tymee and Jessi. Despite all its contestants, Jimin of AOA seems to be harshly criticized by the viewers online.

The following is a Korean op-ed written by Mydaily reporter Jeon Won that has been directly translated by Koreaboo.

Jimin of AOA would be more familiar with the title of AOA’s leader rather than a rapper. This is due to her rapping techniques and capabilities not being proven yet as an idol rapper. However, in an attempt to prove herself, she presents herself on the show Unpretty Rapstar, receiving many good comments from professionals in the field.

However, despite her efforts, Jimin is still being harshly criticized. Mentions of her suitability in the show and her skills lacking make up about 90% of the program’s online viewer’s board. The flame just got greater and hotter as the semi-finals between Jimin and Cheetah took place on the 19th.

Despite Jimin’s voice being unique, the viewers brought up the argument that her voice had little relation to the performance itself. Some comments included, “it feels like the audience voters at the filming set were all hired.” or “San E is definitely favoring Jimin.”

Explanations were also made towards these comments. San E had previously mentioned about the editing of the program. He mentions, “despite the fact that I praise other rappers, the editors always edit those clips out and leave Jimin’s part only.” This statement can mean the judges are doing their best to bring a justified and fair verdict.

Some may remember other rappers not approving of Jimin at the beginning of the show since she was an idol. This would be true to those who criticize her until now. It also seems true that many people judged Jimin before listening to her songs just because she is an idol. In fact, many viewers have said that Jimin was not appropriate for the show since she had a weaker image compared to the others. Taking in the comments, Jimin began using coarse language in her rap and bringing a stronger image to the performances only to find the viewers now criticizing her for being too crude.

During the semi-finals, it seemed unfair for some viewers that Jimin had done a collaboration with IRON since Jimin had mainly danced while IRON rapped. However, the crowd had loved the performance. In addition, there was no rule that prevented her from doing such a collaboration. It is difficult to judge the right from wrong in the case of Jimin’s harsh comments, but the viewers should also think about listening to the performances without any standards set in their minds.

Source: Mydaily News