A.KOR to show their feminine charms with 1st comeback stage on M! Countdown

Five-member girl group A.KOR will be holding their first comeback stage later today on Mnet M! Countdown, revealing their comeback track for the first time.

Returning with their second single album “Always,” A.KOR has teamed up with Shinsadong Tiger and Monster Factory for their comeback. The group also intends to reveal their feminine and cute charms with this new single, as opposed to the past in which they followed a fierce concept. Through previously released image teasers, A.KOR has raised curiosity among fans as they await A.KOR to show a new side of themselves.

A.KOR will release the first video teaser for their single later today on January 29th at noon, while the single itself is set to be published on the 30th. M! Countdown will air today on January 29th at 6PM KST.

Source: The Yeongnam Ilbo