Korea’s Number One “K-Pop Expert” Reveals How You Can Tell When An Idol Is Dating

Here’s how you can tell when idols are dating!

Actress Park So Hyun turns out to be an expert on K-Pop idols! She showed that she was a true fan of K-Pop idols on the talk show Life Bar.

She knows the birthdays of almost all of the idols out there, and she turned down Park Jin Young’s invitation to have lunch in order to attend VIXX LR‘s concert!

Being the idol expert that she is, she even shared how one can tell when an idol is dating.

She explained that when idols return from traveling abroad, they can often be seen carrying shopping bags of brand names that are not sold in Korea.

Fans then research the Brand online to see what kind of clothing their idol could have bought. However, sometimes the clothing of the certain brand doesn’t fit the style of the idol.

Source: La Garconne

Then, if a female idol appears wearing clothing from that brand, usually on a radio show, fans can guess which idol is dating who.

Kim Heechul and Girl’s Day Yura, who are both members of an idol group, were shocked at the actress’s detailed explanation.

She added that fans usually don’t mind their idols dating, but just wanted them to make sure they don’t get caught.

The next time an idol walks out of an airport holding a brand name shopping bag, it could be a hint for guessing potential idol couples!