64 Chihuahuas Found In Filthy Illegal Puppy Mill With Decaying Carcasses

All of them had their vocal fold nodules removed.

On January 28, 64 long-haired Chihuahuas were found surviving in a filthy house in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do.

The rescuers from the Korean Animal Welfare Association could smell the stench from the alleyway that led into the house. Once they entered the lawn, they found the body of a dog who died recently as well as the skull of a dog.

Inside were 64 little Chihuahuas that were in a critical state. They were itching all over their bodies and seemed to have been suffering from skin diseases with some dogs having patches of flesh exposed as a result. Many dogs were injured and all of them could not bark properly because they had all undergone vocal fold nodule removal surgery to prevent them from making a lot of noise.


According to Pyeongtaek City, complaints against the home were filed last summer due to the stench and noise. The animal rights organization that checked the place notified the city that the dog owner was not providing an appropriate environment for raising the pets. After speaking with the dog owner, however, the city contacted the animal rights organization and stated that the owner claims to have raised them properly as pets.

Despite the dog owner’s claims, however, he/she had records of selling the dogs online and as it turns out, the place was an illegally-run puppy mill.


The animal rights organization convinced the city and dog owner to send the surviving dogs to the hospital for treatment and send the carcass off for a biopsy. 1 of the 64 dogs died of enteritis 2 days later and 63 remain with numerous being treated for various diseases and 1 having gone blind.

Meanwhile, the dogs are currently being looked after at the Korean Animal Welfare Association shelter and are looking for a loving new home.